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 China's unprecedented focus on environmental protection and its pledge to prevent foreign garbage from crossing its borders are industry game changers, according to two environmental observers in the United States.

 In fact, the presence of 2,000 US troops in Syria is also illegal under international law and the UN Charter because the sovereign Syrian government has never authorized it.

 The challenge of dealing with pollution in rural areas is huge, particularly poorer regions in western China, where a lot of the coal pollution problems have been shifted, she added.

 "It is my compelling obligation to do a good job as president of Westlake University. I'm prepared to spare no efforts to make it an institution of national pride on the global higher education stage," Shi said.

 Institutional obstacles must be removed to facilitate private enterprises' participation in the defense sectors as well as State-owned defense companies' transfer of technologies to private companies, the meeting also decided. Advances in legislation for civil-military integration are also called for.

 "It shows that drones can be used in diverse businesses, which brings great convenience and incomparable advantages over manned aircraft," said Wang Xiazheng, director of the association's department that deals with unmanned aircraft.





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