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 Bush was dubbed "The Silver Fox" by her husband and children. She was known for her snow-white hair and for being fiercely protective of her family.

 The year 2014 did not start well for anyone who hopes to see a thaw in relations between Japan and its two neighbors, China and the ROK. It never will if Japanese political leaders are unwilling to honestly and sincerely face up to the country's militarist past and stop humiliating the WWII victims in neighboring countries.

 那时候,叶良山工作非常忙,但他还是每天一放学就回家给妻子煮些营养品,然后送到疗养院,一勺一勺地喂她吃 。在那个年代,做饭洗衣一般都是妻子的分内事,但叶良山把这些家务活全揽了下来,舍不得让妻子有一丁点的操劳 。

 BEIJING - Chinese lawmakers Tuesday heard a draft supervision law and a reshuffle plan on the State Council, or the cabinet, at the ongoing national legislative session.

 孟德尔(Johann Mendel,1822―1884),以数学分析了遗传现象、发现了遗传规律、开创了遗传学 。

 But that's just money matters. Western powers' dominance of global institutions has brought them even greater payoffs. Following the end of World War II, the United States, along with its allies, has been leading the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the pillars of the global financial system. Indeed, the post-war world order is seen by many as an age of "Pax Americana."





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