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 Pam Meyers, a guest at the preview, said she was "overwhelmed when I first saw the Terracotta Warriors", calling them "something very different and very beautiful".

 Last year, President Xi Jinping announced a broad vision of China as a leading world economic power by the year 2050, which is not impossible to imagine, though it would require further major political and economic reforms to achieve ambitious goals, including the rule of law, innovative companies, clean environment, expanding the middle-income group, adequate public transportation, and reduced urban/rural income disparities.

 China's famed Terracotta Warriors will open a four-month set in Cincinnati, Ohio on Friday, albeit under some tighter security.

 The first salvo in this battle was the imposition of an additional 25 percent duty on steel and an additional 10 percent on aluminum imports from all countries apart from its North American Free Trade Agreement partners Canada and Mexico, starting on March 23. The US has backed down on these tariffs in the case of some allies, but not in the case of China, because it wants to stop what it sees as China flooding the world with cheap steel.

 "When we stood together and I explained basic points to them, I seemed to find myself going back in time three years.

 为了保护能干的干部,一些地方在处理违纪干部时甚至会特别强调干部违法违纪的“为公动机 ”。几年前,湖北省卫生厅收到举报,2名乡镇医院院长伪造病历骗取国家补贴。此事被查处后,我拿到的官方通报里特别强调,2人作假骗取的国家补贴主要用于公务。这一点,成为从轻处罚的重要依据。这两名院长被处分后,又相继被提拔。





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