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 一个机构 ,一个个人 ,这背后还是两个不同的权力场 ,因为掌握了同样的传播手段 ,让每个个体的声音一下响亮了起来。所以 ,出现了“两个舆论场”的问题 ,官方舆论场和民间舆论场 ,甚至一度异常分裂 ,原因就在于我们传播机构的话语世界与老百姓的个体经验世界产生了偏差 ,甚至非常严重的对立。

 I believe that President Xi possesses the essential qualities of true leadership that every nation, not only China, needs. I think his greatest asset is his character and his wisdom. He is a global leader, not by any kind of propaganda or promotion. He doesn't need that. But, by simply being the strong, wise, thoughtful, reflective leader that he is. I could only pray that America would have a leader that was half as good.

 From 1988 to 1999, amendments included the reform of land-use rights, legal status for the private economy, the theory of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, replacing the phrase "planned economy" with "socialist market economy", and incorporation of Deng Xiaoping Theory.

 In all other areas on the Chinese mainland, the importation of sophisticated medical equipment under current regulations requires lengthy procedures, inspections and approvals from the national drug supervision authority.

 Many civilians and prisoners of war from China, the Soviet Union, the Korean Peninsula and Mongolia perished at the hands of Japanese scientists. Some of them were children.

 The inclusion of Xi Jinping Thought and the Scientific Outlook on Development ensures that the country's guiding theories will advance with the times, Shen added.





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