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 The native Chinese are a very hospitable and romantic folk who always display an aura of love in the air among themselves since quite often I would see couples walking hand-in-hand in the streets and thus adding some human touch to the beauty of the land.

 China's latest Cabinet reshuffle during the NPC session also signals its determination to ramp up pollution control efforts, said Wang, a leading expert on environmental law.

 In late 2014, many ancient tombs and cultural ruins were severely damaged at a relics site on the border area of the city of Lingyuan and Jianping county in Liaoning. Archaeologists had previously unearthed a large number of relics dating to more than 5,500 years ago at the site.

 "For example, the people are paying more and more attention to intellectual property, so it's a good idea to adjust this department," she said.

 Breakthroughs must be made this year in some key areas of civil-military integration, and reforms in sectors such as arms procurement systems, price setting and a taxation mechanism for weapon businesses should be carried forward, according to the meeting.





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