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 Hainan province, which is the country's only provincial-level special economic zone, will accelerate the building of an open economy, advance international industrial cooperation and enhance the development of service businesses as a national pilot zone, according to local senior officials.

 Master Sui is a practitioner of two Chinese traditional kungfu styles: baguazhang and meihuazhuang. The first one is more famous, and practiced worldwide. Shifu, who celebrated his 70th anniversary last autumn, became recognized due to baguazhang, especially in Russia. He is a fourth-generation of baguazhang masters and eighteenth-generation master of meihuazhuang masters. He used to train with Li Ziming, third-generation baguazhang master who called Sui Yunjiang one of his best disciples because of his diligence in practices. Moreover, Sui Yunjiang’s life was tightly connected with Russia, when he was invited there in 1990 and even made an appearance in one of the programs on Russian TV. He stayed in Russia for two years getting experience of living in another country. He was warmly and kindly welcomed by Russian wushu practitioners, and since then was often invited to give seminars. His deep understanding of traditional wushu met recognition there and for the time being, his Russian kungfu disciples are among his most devoted students. Now Sui laoshi has followers in the USA, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Russia and Italy which made his name big in the world of Chinese traditional wushu.


 Well, I've had the chance to watch firsthand. Up close and personal. I've had a front row seat to see how it has developed.

 奈何江山易改禀性难移,特朗普获得共和党总统候选人正式提名的一个月中,不仅没有文明和纪律,反而出了更多的离谱的错:呼吁俄罗斯黑客去黑希拉里邮箱;对美军一名战死的穆斯林士兵的母亲出言不逊;嘲笑本党大佬瑞恩的领导能力;称奥巴马和希拉里是“伊斯兰国 ”的创始者;暗示美国人可以为了拥有枪支权力而对希拉里采取暴力。

 Xi was elected Chinese president by a unanimous vote on Saturday morning during the ongoing session of the 13th National People's Congress, the top legislature.





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