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 China will set up an international development cooperation agency, according to the plan on reforming institutions of the State Council unveiled on Tuesday.

 首先,文明是一点一滴的积累和习惯。如果习惯了文明,再去做不文明的事,反倒会觉得不舒服、不自在、不方便,每个人都应在国内、在日常生活中,逐步积累、培养文明的习惯,文明的生活方式和公共场合行为规范,只有习惯成自然,才能在任何场合都表现得文明、得体。其次,对自己即将前往目的地的风土人情,习惯禁忌多加了解, “入乡随俗”的道理,其实正常人都懂,但至少要了解 “乡”和 “俗”,才能知道该怎样去 “随”,在很多时候,国门之外的不当行为并非出于有意冒犯,而是出于对当地风土人情、行为规范的无知。

 Importantly, China has opened a World Trade Organization challenge to the US' initial $50 billion proposed tariffs, while the eurozone and Japan joined a US challenge against alleged intellectual property theft by China. While we know the WTO arbitration process is a lengthy one-measured in months-it is nonetheless encouraging to see the international body is still being used as a medium of communication between different parties to settle trade disputes. That indeed is a ray of hope.

 That was Bradley's first time to be in a helicopter, and he was too absorbed with the "stunning" view of the beautiful coastline.

 Xi also expressed gratitude to the NPC deputies and the whole nation for electing him president. He pledged to be loyal to the country and the people, spare no effort to fulfill his duties, be diligent at work, accept supervision from the people and never let the people down.

 While 225 of the cases involved grave robbing, 70 others were related to the theft of historical relics, along with 27 instances of trafficking and 29 associated crimes.





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