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 In line with the agreement inked on April 9, Jiangsu will support NPU to construct its research institute in Yangtze River Delta in Taicang to bring in the NPU's quality scientific research and educational resources and give full play to local economic advantages, with an aim to improve the output level of the Research Institute in Yangtze River Delta and create high-level scientific innovation growth poles.

 “出局” ,这是澎湃新闻对李小琳离开的描述 ,在此之前 ,依据财经网所做报道 ,诸如网易和新浪 ,也有提及“出局” ,但事后要么修正 ,要么撤下首页 ,而且 ,更为吊诡的是 ,今日查看澎湃新闻原文 ,“摔门”那段已被生生剜去。

 The maker of China's bestselling unmanned combat aircraft is ready to market some of its killer drones for civilian commercial use.

 China's special features are "of great importance both scientifically and societally", said Inder Verma, an academician of the National Academy of Sciences in the United States.

 The city will launch a campaign against officials or business executives who breach environmental protection rules or who have relationships with organized crime figures, the statement said.

 China plans to restructure the State Intellectual Property Office to strengthen protection of intellectual property rights, according to the State institutional reform plan of the State Council, which was submitted to the on-going NPC session for deliberations.





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