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 In recent years, Wanning has developed its own culture and sports industry with unique natural resources and long-lasting cultural heritage. Inclusive and competitive sports are flourishing as the healthy competition boosts Wanning's self-confidence and strengthens happiness amongst communities. Transformation of the sporting framework and industry is improving, and more people are experiencing a renewed sense of well-being. In particular, Wanning has focused on building a series of branded sports events. The beauty of Wanning is now synonymous with "longevity, health, sunshine and vitality", a place to enjoy and share in the pleasure of sports.

 在江苏,这可是第一次启用 “信用体系”,此前,还没任何游客有过此等待遇。这意味着,那些曾经有过特别不文明行为的游客,要为自己的行为付出代价。他对这个社会和他人的伤害,不会随着新闻的热乎劲儿散去而一笔勾销,而会静静地悬停在信用记录上,时间洗不掉,由此带来的很多麻烦也躲不掉。

 The Chinese archaeologists made one of their biggest breakthroughs during a 2011 excavation of Fuyan Cave in Hunan province, where they found 47 teeth belonging to modern humans. The teeth were buried underneath stalagmites that were found to be least 80,000 years old, suggesting the fossils were older.


 He said he believes that DPRK-China relations will develop in a direction that conforms with the common interests of the two peoples.

 Peers in British Parliament's upper chamber voted by 348 to 225 in favor of a call requiring government ministers to report on steps to negotiate a continued customs union with the European Union.





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