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 The year-on-year economic growth rate of 6.9 percent last year also was remarkable among the world's major economies, he added.

 第五,由于传统文化习俗要求所有的人都要结婚,有大量同性恋者不得不进入异性恋婚姻,造成大量婚姻悲剧(诸如 “男同性恋者的妻子 ”问题; “女同性恋者的丈夫 ”问题),导致此类婚姻质量降低,离婚率增高。如果中国批准同性婚姻,可以大幅度减少同性恋者进入异性婚姻的可能性。

 Once determined, execution of foreign aid missions will still be undertaken by the departments concerned, according to the plan.

 Japan paid great attention to the new measures for expanding China's opening up announced by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia annual conference and believes that they will help promote bilateral economic relationship, he said.

 Importantly, China has opened a World Trade Organization challenge to the US' initial $50 billion proposed tariffs, while the eurozone and Japan joined a US challenge against alleged intellectual property theft by China. While we know the WTO arbitration process is a lengthy one-measured in months-it is nonetheless encouraging to see the international body is still being used as a medium of communication between different parties to settle trade disputes. That indeed is a ray of hope.

 In the past five years, the local government helped 617,000 people got out of poverty, and another 83,000 people will follow suit this year.





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