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 This language used by Chinese leaders therefore is part of a huge discussion, a global one, about how to create a valid public space in which people can still come together and try to frame understanding, and then potential solutions, to common problems. While talking about a shared vision of human destiny therefore seems to only accentuate positive things, at heart it is also about creating very practical ways of trying to achieve this. That involves the immense effort to prioritize issues, and to at least create common understanding about how they can be tackled.

 Most AI research focuses on imitating and maximizing a small part of the brain's function, such as sensory recognition. However, higher cognitive functions like language and emotions are still too complex for computers, said Guo Aike, a biophysicist with the academy.

 我们也可以分析一下“我有老保,不讹人”这句话 。其实,老人所讲的“老保”,我感觉应该包括退休金和退休人员的医保 。对比之下,我国许多没有退休金、没有医保的老人,却可能因为一次意外摔倒而付出难以想象的医疗代价 。当老人跌倒时,有养老金和医保的老人则相对更有安全感,而没有退休金和医保的老人则可能就会因为没有安全感而产生讹人的念头 。

 "I am so lucky to be part of such a great age led by a great man," said Yu Zhigang, a National People's Congress deputy. "The unanimous vote showed that as our leader, Xi has our full support and trust and bears our high expectation."

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 释传真:对,有些官员我感觉就挺好 。有一年春节,一位国家领导人一家到栖霞寺来参观,她们也买了点鞭炮放放,看到放鞭炮高兴得不得了,那种纯朴、平常人的心态一下就表现出来了 。当时我们在一起合影,有几个香客也在旁边照相,有一个随行人员就要把香客赶走,这位领导人说,等人家照完了我们再照 。照相的过程中,我看到有个男的背着照相机跑前跑后,我就上去拦住他,我说,我们在照相,你在干吗呢 ?这位领导人说,“这是我先生” 。我说你家先生跟我们站在一起照就行,可以叫别人来给我们照嘛,不用自己跑前跑后的 。我当时就觉得很不好意思 。





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