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 In 2017, China showed an "encouraging" annual economic report, with total GDP of more than 82 trillion yuan ($12.9 trillion), equal to the combined GDPs of the world's fifth to tenth largest economies, Wang said.

 BEIJING - The 13th National People's Congress (NPC), China's national legislature, decided on the new lineup of the State Council at the seventh plenary meeting of its first session Monday morning.

 The reform will cover different levels of institutions in the Party, government, people's congress, political advisory body, judiciary, social organizations, public institutions and within military-civil integration, said Liu, who is also director of the General Office of the Central Leading Group for Financial and Economic Affairs.

 Nearly 3,000 NPC deputies voted to endorse vice premiers, state councilors, secretary-general of the State Council, ministers, governor of the central bank, and auditor-general, who were nominated by Premier Li Keqiang.

 显然,消费者有权决定购买谁的产品。他们的购买与否,决定着谁能继续生存。可以使穷人变富,也可以使富人变穷。消费者能够准确决定应该生产什么,以何种质量生产以及生产多少。他们是无情无义的“老板 ”,充满异趣奇想,且变化多端,难以预测。对他们而言,没有什么事情比满足自己的需求更值得计较。因此物质生产要素的所有者和企业家实际上是消费者的受托人,但此资格每天都有被取消的可能。

 After more than an hour’s journey I finally got beckoned to disembark and make way to my new temporary home, the 7DaysInn, from where permanent impressions were to be made since the place had a wonderful staff compliment who were to make my stay in Guangzhou memorable.





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