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 "The summit has made important contributions to boosting industry cooperation across the Straits," said Liu, who pledged continued efforts to promote economic and cultural exchanges and communication between the two sides.

 However, the further Taiwan separatist forces push their bid for secession, the more grave the situation will become. Foresight cannot be gained from the past, by analogy or calculation, it must be divined from what lies before us, and that foretells that without any restraint on their reckless antics the island’s separatists will spark a war.

 "To advance its integrated tourism development, Hainan is speeding up the construction of tourist cities, special feature towns and beautiful villages," Sun said, adding that the province will promote rural tourism through 100 special feature towns and 1,000 villages.

 ♢ PingWest 品玩联合创始人骆轶航:「小程序」若隐若现 ,似在非在 。它能被「发现」好像是个意外 ,但「找到」一个具体的小程序又是那么困难 。它像一只猫 ,不经意间总会从你的眼前轻飘飘地溜过 ,而当你打定主意要抓到它的时候 ,它却不知道它藏到哪儿去了 ,一会儿又在什么地方出现 。

 It is only in their imaginations that such technology will boost the island’s “defense” capabilities. Even having bought the technology, and should the island manage to master the capability to manufacture submarines on its own, the vessels will not help them achieve their goal.

 The 49-hectare farm presents tourists with a broad range of choices-lakes, mountains and forests for sightseeing, along with 17 agriculture products for sharing, such as longan, litchi and coconut. There are free range chickens and eggs, fish, wooden inns and fragrant rosewood.





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