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 I believe that President Xi possesses the essential qualities of true leadership that every nation, not only China, needs. I think his greatest asset is his character and his wisdom. He is a global leader, not by any kind of propaganda or promotion. He doesn't need that. But, by simply being the strong, wise, thoughtful, reflective leader that he is. I could only pray that America would have a leader that was half as good.

 "In the past I could only give lessons to 500 or 600 students, even in an auditorium, with many students sitting on the floor," Ye Lang, a professor with Peking University, told the People's Daily. "Now 160,000 students from over 600 universities take my course online, which is hard to imagine in a real classroom."

 "The files, including a great deal of medical theses, laboratory reports and Japanese soldiers' recollections, have great significance in filling in the blanks in domestic germ war archives," Liu Rujia, one of the team members, told China Daily Friday. "They have both historical and academic value."


 The unit conducted experiments on live human beings to test germ-releasing bombs and chemical bombs, among other atrocities.

 The move towards "capsule hotel" or "pod hostel" accommodation, which first emerged in some of Asia's largest cities, meets the demand for accommodation in high-density urban areas.





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