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 China's foreign minister Wang Yi said on Thursday that China would make a necessary response in the event of a trade war with the United States but added that such a war would only harm all sides.

 He said the Chinese mainland is willing to share the development opportunities with Taiwan compatriots, deepen the cross-Straits economic and cultural exchange and cooperation, and bring tangible benefits to Taiwan compatriots and enterprises.

 "It deserves a stay of many days, with its beautiful gardenlike scenery and a rural lifestyle," said Chen Caiyun, a tourist from Hebei province. "Hotels, supermarkets, shops and restaurants-everything you need is available here."

 Hainan met the national emissions reduction goal for five consecutive years, and its ecology and environment rank among the best in China.

 "Accelerating the development of Hainan as an international tourism island...offers the biggest opportunity and the biggest comparative advantage for Hainan."

 "He was like a brother to me," said Ding Zhongguang, who grew up an orphan and had been living in poverty with her husband when she met Lyu. After learning of her difficulties, Lyu helped Ding find several jobs to increase her family's income, including at a clothes shop.





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