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 Master Sui is a practitioner of two Chinese traditional kungfu styles: baguazhang and meihuazhuang. The first one is more famous, and practiced worldwide. Shifu, who celebrated his 70th anniversary last autumn, became recognized due to baguazhang, especially in Russia. He is a fourth-generation of baguazhang masters and eighteenth-generation master of meihuazhuang masters. He used to train with Li Ziming, third-generation baguazhang master who called Sui Yunjiang one of his best disciples because of his diligence in practices. Moreover, Sui Yunjiang’s life was tightly connected with Russia, when he was invited there in 1990 and even made an appearance in one of the programs on Russian TV. He stayed in Russia for two years getting experience of living in another country. He was warmly and kindly welcomed by Russian wushu practitioners, and since then was often invited to give seminars. His deep understanding of traditional wushu met recognition there and for the time being, his Russian kungfu disciples are among his most devoted students. Now Sui laoshi has followers in the USA, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Russia and Italy which made his name big in the world of Chinese traditional wushu.

 Visitors to CODE Pod Hostel from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong accounted for the highest number of guests after British visitors, overtaking the USA, who held the number 2 spot in 2016. Bookings from Asia as a whole represented 26 percent of total visitors, well ahead of the UK's 23 percent.

 不过,他们随后都被警察逮捕,原因是妨害了公选活动自由。在日本《公职选举法》中,妨害选举人演说、破坏相关宣传物等都属于违法行为。情节严重的可处以四年以下的有期徒刑和100万日元以下的罚金做为处罚。所以,一些日本民众们对 “选举车”是敢怒不敢言的。

 他们当中,有踢假球的国脚,有收了贿赂的 “金哨”,也有足协副主席――实际上的中国足球 “掌门人”。在国足赢球的那天晚上,微信朋友圈里,他们的头像被一一列出,题为:中国足球狂欢夜,只有这些人抬不起头来。





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