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 It aims to identify the documents that create barriers to the two-way flow of technology, human resources, capital and information between the military and civilian sectors, as well as those that fail to give private enterprises equal treatment in market access and intellectual property protection, said the circular.

 The threatened US tariffs on imports from China could cumulatively represent $150 billion, about 30 percent of total US imports from China. But since these threatened tariffs will be subject to negotiation-a 60-day public comment process which includes public comments until May 11 and a public hearing on May 15-a trade war could hopefully be avoided. But if a trade war does break out, it will have a pronounced effect on bilateral as well as global trade. The US and China would suffer significant slowdown in real GDP growth-a cumulative loss of about 1.0 percentage point-and the global economy growing at 2.5 percent in 2019 versus 3.0 percent in the baseline.

 Wang said that the momentum of improvement in bilateral ties did not come by easily and should be cherished, and with a better and more stable relationship, the two sides could have closer exchanges and extended cooperation, which would be in the interests of people in both countries as well as the region.

 近期,安倍多次在国际场合再喊日中、日韩首脑会谈, 希望与中、韩领导人举行无条件会晤。10月6日下午,安倍出发参加亚太经合组织(APEC)首脑会议时,就与中韩两国领导人的接触称: “我想抓住时机交换意见,发出对话的大门始终敞开的讯息。”

 而且,他们顺藤摸瓜来到嘉兴日报微博页面,停更达半月之久的官微成了喊话平台,平时转发评论不过三五条而已,突然间却出现好几百条评论,且都是因王��烽而来。更有嗅觉敏锐者,直接找到认证为 “嘉兴日报报业传媒集团党委书记、社长蔡伟达”的@枫山樵人,一副不砸掉王��烽党报饭碗誓不罢休的姿态。

 China will set up an international development cooperation agency, according to the plan on reforming institutions of the State Council unveiled on Tuesday.





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