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 China may be tempted to again respond in kind. But since it "only" imported a total of $131 billion of goods from the US in 2017, it may limit its direct retaliation options. Nonetheless, China can retaliate via other channels, including sales of US Treasuries, or by disrupting supply chains that are essential to US businesses.

 The war of words between the United States and China has escalated rapidly over the last few days. On Thursday, US President Donald Trump upped the ante in the trade battle with China, suggesting further tariffs on $100 billion of imported goods from China, on top of the $50 billion announced on Tuesday.

 美国常挂在嘴边敲打中国的话是“不允许使用武力或以武力相威胁来解决南海问题”。世界上最没有资格说这一句话的就是美国 ,看看你美国哪一天没在使用武力和以武力相威胁?谁在南海频频地亮肌肉?南海几乎变成了美国的新型武器试验场和博览会。

 Among them, Han Zheng, Sun Chunlan, Hu Chunhua and Liu He were endorsed as vice premiers, while Wei Fenghe, Wang Yong, Wang Yi, Xiao Jie and Zhao Kezhi were endorsed as state councilors.

 Restructuring and risk prevention are considered crucial to stability China will focus on a high-quality economic growth model, discarding the previous overarching emphasis on speed, by further deepening restructuring reforms and preventing systemic risks, a spokesman said on Friday.

 The move will also better serve the country's overall diplomatic structure and the efforts to jointly build the Belt and Road, the plan says.





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