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 Japan paid great attention to the new measures for expanding China's opening up announced by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia annual conference and believes that they will help promote bilateral economic relationship, he said.

 According to the plan on reforming institutions of the State Council made public last month, the agency will be in charge of tasks such as drafting strategic guidelines, planning and policies for foreign aid.

 其实 ,不必过于悲观 ,以支撑无数记者雄壮理想的舆论监督为例 。十八届四中全会明确指出 , “加强党内监督、人大监督、民主监督、行政监督、司法监督、审计监督、社会监督、舆论监督制度建设 ,努力形成科学有效的权力运行制约和监督体系 ,增强监督合力和实效 。”相较于以往 “舆论监督”的单纯表述 , “舆论监督制度建设”无疑更立体 ,更具法治保障 。

 "Today, the creativity of the Chinese people is being unleashed to an extent like never before, which has been enabling our country to develop rapidly and stride forward at the forefront of the world," Xi said.

 Main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), however, urged the government to lift state of emergency soon, saying it would cast shadow over upcoming elections.

 Xi called for joint efforts from those across the Straits to deepen economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation, which will benefit the people and enterprises from Taiwan.





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