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 On Feb 18, the second Chinese New Year Temple Fair was held in the area where the Chinese Community Association is based in Caracas, Venezuela. The entire block was decorated with red lanterns and over 2,000 overseas Chinese in the country gathered to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

 Hainan has also invited agricultural experts to the villages to give lectures and provide training for farmers. It has organized night school TV programs since 2016, with topics covering new farming techniques, poverty alleviation policy explanations, industry development analyses, building confidence and benefiting thousands.

 "We think that the call for more emphasis on quality and equality as opposed to quantity will be reflected in the emphasis on encouraging innovation, Made in China 2025 and moving up the value chain," Kuijs said.

 朱庆丰干脆不听新闻不看新闻,这些天来,他索性关掉了车上的广播 。灵堂之外的世界一天天变化,每天都有新的事情发生,而他们的生活还停滞在了6月22日那一天,没有出来 。

 "The efforts have helped to increase the annual income per household to 100,000 yuan, jumping 33 times from a decade ago," said Yang Yingchun, a Shatu resident. He expects a harvest worth 150,000 yuan from his 1-hectare sweet potato farm this year.

 He said he hoped compatriots across the Straits could shoulder their responsibilities, push the peaceful unification process and fulfill the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.





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