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 At least 3,000 people were used as human guinea pigs by Unit 731, and more than 300,000 people across China were killed by Japan's biological weapons, according to the Museum of Evidence of War Crimes by Japanese Army Unit 731 in Harbin.

 Other findings included a shortfall of 2,400 engineers, most substantially among Royal Navy weapons technicians, 800 pilots and 700 intelligence analysts.

 It will also amplify work-relief programs in extremely impoverished areas and encourage eastern and western regions to deepen their collaboration on poverty reduction.

 The researchers photographed the documents they found and brought the pictures to China. After translating the documents, they will continue their research and raise public awareness, Liu said.

 Wang said trade unions at various levels should enhance technical training and continue to provide employment services. "We offered career services to 12 million workers in 2017," he said.

 Lhakpa said she is used to overcoming adversity. Sherpa girls were discouraged from climbing, but she was a tomboy and would not be deterred from helping the men in her family, serving as a porter to bring gear to Qomolangma base camps.





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