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 To make it a desirable destination for global tourists, the mayor said that a good environment is the key factor and industries related to tourism will be upgraded.

 Connectivity has also been enhanced in recent years, thanks to airlines including Qatar, Etihad, and Emirates offering one-stop connections between China and Scotland via the Middle East. Turkish Airlines and Finnair are also now competing with British Airways, Air France, and Lufthansa for a share of the market serving Scotland.

 Edinburgh is now the second-mostly-visited destination for Chinese visitors to the UK, after London. This year, the Scottish capital has seen interest raised further after China Central Television, China's major television broadcaster, entered talks with Scotland to broadcast the world-famous Hogmanay New Year festival in China.

 从目前的情况看 ,当地官方对“再生人”现象有些热心过头 ,频繁邀请专家学者前来考察、研究 ,对外界的争议也有些反应过激――据说还要起诉此前对“再生人”持质疑态度的媒体。有地方官员表示“期待科学早日揭开再生人之谜” ,科学从来都不是一言堂 ,如果不允许争论 ,打击不同意见 ,“再生人之谜”就永远是个谜。当然 ,事情搞得神神秘秘或许就是当地官方最想达到的效果吧。

 "When participating in a reality show last year, I saw the plight of left-behind children in poverty-stricken areas, which drew my attention to poverty alleviation through developing culture," she said.

 The number of Chinese visitors to the United Kingdom is expected to rise from the current 260,000 a year to 384,000 in the next five years, according to VisitBritain, the UK’s national tourism authority.





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