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 Master Sui is a practitioner of two Chinese traditional kungfu styles: baguazhang and meihuazhuang. The first one is more famous, and practiced worldwide. Shifu, who celebrated his 70th anniversary last autumn, became recognized due to baguazhang, especially in Russia. He is a fourth-generation of baguazhang masters and eighteenth-generation master of meihuazhuang masters. He used to train with Li Ziming, third-generation baguazhang master who called Sui Yunjiang one of his best disciples because of his diligence in practices. Moreover, Sui Yunjiang’s life was tightly connected with Russia, when he was invited there in 1990 and even made an appearance in one of the programs on Russian TV. He stayed in Russia for two years getting experience of living in another country. He was warmly and kindly welcomed by Russian wushu practitioners, and since then was often invited to give seminars. His deep understanding of traditional wushu met recognition there and for the time being, his Russian kungfu disciples are among his most devoted students. Now Sui laoshi has followers in the USA, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Russia and Italy which made his name big in the world of Chinese traditional wushu.

 "Back in 1980s at the beginning of the establishment of Hainan province, it was rare to see foreign visitors," said Huang Zejing, a photographer who has witnessed the island's development.

 杨卫泽的形象也曾经很好 ,但已在瞬间倒塌。他以前讲过的好听的话 ,正在被当作笑话消遣

 第三是职工福利待遇不同。荣局喜欢按心情发放福利 ,加班费、会议误餐费等费用 ,特别喜欢在人少的时候发放 ,多次在会上说:“我就看你们开会来不来 ,要是你们都来了 ,那我就不发钱 ,如果你们很多不来 ,那我就给参会人员发钱。”以此来鞭策大家多参加会议。搞得大家觉得不参加会议亏了 ,参加会议了好像也没得到好处。钱局在平时从来不许诺任何好处。也不会额外发放其他的福利 ,按规定有的 ,一分不会少;没有政策的 ,你一分也别想拿。

 这个标准事实上大大夸大了中等收入群体在中国的数量。以北京为例 ,尽管报告认为北京的中等收入阶层已经达到了46% ,但事实上 ,考虑到北京的房价、生活出行成本、医疗成本 ,以及子女教育等方面的支出 ,一个年收入达到10万元的家庭 ,根本买不起房子。

 August 2011 was my last month before the departure to Beijing. That year I was granted the second China Government Scholarship, and was patiently waiting the beginning of autumn to fully indulge in the exciting university life and Chinese language learning in one of the country’s best language universities, BLCU. But I didn’t know that august would bring me an unforgettable meeting with one of the renowned traditional Chinese kungfu masters, Sui Yunjiang. He came to my city with a series of seminars and was to stay for a fortnight. I was asked to be his interpreter and had to accompany him and his wife during all that time, as well as Viktor who was the organizer and the host.





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