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 The government also said that it will continue to intensify pollution prevention and control by formulating and implementing plans for winning the battle against pollution and an action plan for making the skies blue again.

 "Government reform is a momentous move for China's internal development and global affairs," said Nasir Mahmood, director general of the Department of External Relations and Legal Affairs at the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization. "It improves the effectiveness of the governing bodies and allows China to adapt to changing times."

 但是 ,说实在的 ,吃4两重的螃蟹仍然白岩松等高级白领或者说是高收入知识分子的专利 ,对于大部分老百姓而言 ,螃蟹、茅台、高档皮革 ,仍然遥远得很 。正如许多网友所说的 ,38元一只的螃蟹 ,相当于一些农民工两三天的伙食费 ,反腐的红利 ,仍然没有直接体现到改善中低收入者生活质量上 。笔者认为 ,这就是下一步的反腐要完成的一个目标――释放更大的反腐红利 ,让反腐的红利惠及到每一位老百姓 ,而不要让老百姓认为反腐是神仙打架一样的事 ,与老百姓无关 。

 This very hot weather presents the time for men and women of Guangzhou not to be outdone in the ‘dress to beat the weather contest’ since they all get to put on some clothes which can at least allow their skin to breathe and show God’s artwork in designing a human being.

 So when I realised I was moving to Ningbo, one of my first thoughts was: "how will I get my hair cut?!"

 Meg Hillier, the chair of the public accounts committee, said the report showed the armed forces to be "woefully below compliment, especially in crucial areas like intelligence and engineering", adding that "the Ministry of Defence needs to take a long hard look at its current approach".





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