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 In 2015, the 12th NPC passed a revision to the Legislation Law, granting more Chinese cities the power to issue local regulations.

 The names of those working at the headquarters of the notorious unit, as well as their ranks and other information including their addresses and family members, are disclosed on the list, which is dated Jan 1, 1945.

 At Wednesday's ceremony, Xi said the transfer was an important decision made by the CPC Central Committee to make sure it has absolute control over all of the nation's armed forces, adding the move will extensively boost the Party's efforts to build a strong military and ensure long-term stability and prosperity. 

 就是实行全国卷的省份 ,考题相同 ,批次控制线也不能简单地用来说明高考公平。批次控制线的高低取决于两大因素 ,一是招生计划数 ,在考生具有相同水平情况下 ,招生计划数越多 ,批次控制线越低;二是学生的考试成绩 ,如果教育水平高 ,考生实力强 ,批次控制线走高。招生计划数和考生实力有两种组合 ,结果很明显 ,就是如果招生计划数多 ,地区教育质量较低 ,录取分数会较低 ,如果招生计划少 ,教育质量高 ,录取分数会很高 ,而如果招生计划数多 ,地区教育质量高 ,或者招生计划数少、地区教育质量低 ,录取分数线就难以说明问题。

 The 6.5 percent growth target set in this year's government work report is "attainable" through hard works, said He, citing China's economic momentum, resilience, sustainability and market potential.

 He encouraged creativity in forms and means of promoting the core socialist values and learning from traditional culture of ethnic minorities.





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