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 It aims to identify the documents that create barriers to the two-way flow of technology, human resources, capital and information between the military and civilian sectors, as well as those that fail to give private enterprises equal treatment in market access and intellectual property protection, said the circular.

 Yang Jiechi, member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China's Central Committee and director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the CPC Central Committee, made the statement at the agency's inauguration.

 今后几十年,庞大的“剩男”群体所面临的不仅仅是婚配问题,还有随之而来的身心健康、养老等问题 。能否在问题到来之前,通过社会组织、福利制度来减少“剩男”可能招致的社会不稳定因素,将是政府与社会共同面对的难题 。

 这样的言论,明显超出了“实际恶意”原则所要保护的范畴,被法院认定为侵权,可谓理据充分有力 。而这份判决书的意义,至此也已充分显现 。诚然,言论自由的空间,需要我们所有的人――当然更包括像方舟子、崔永元这样的公众人物,以充分的善意,给予悉心的保护 。否则,我们就会因为自己的不理性、不宽容、不客观、不负责任,而饱受互害之苦 。

 Such a move will enhance strategic planning and overall coordination of foreign aid, boost the unified management of foreign assistance missions and reform and optimize the country's methods of offering foreign aid, it says.

 Japan paid great attention to the new measures for expanding China's opening up announced by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia annual conference and believes that they will help promote bilateral economic relationship, he said.





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