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 Shanghai Cooperation Organization was born in China and the Qingdao Summit will be the first one after the SCO admitted new members. The nation welcomes the SCO back to China and expects it to embark on a new journey in Qingdao, said Wang.

 By taking part in the activities, visitors get the opportunity to know their culture better. For example, a special wooden hammer that is used to make ciba, a snack of glutinous rice, and is hardly seen in Chinese cities these days, can be viewed at the fair.


 On Tuesday, a report made by Chaoyang District People's Court said that it heard 188 such lawsuits from January 2015 to March this year; Haidian District People's Court concluded 55 such cases between January 2016 and February this year.

 "Electricity infrastructure construction has become one of the most active sectors to promote the Belt and Road Initiative," he said.

 "It is not an organ of power, nor a decision-making organ. It is an important platform for all Chinese political parties, social organizations and people from all ethnic groups and all sectors of society to work together and participate in the deliberation of State affairs in a democratic manner."





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