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 联系前两天金正恩一口气处罚167名高级将领,还解散一支被认为“有问题 ”的部队的报道,一边是给五名优秀大队长和政治指导员授予勋章,一边是处罚167名高级将领,金正恩治军将这奖惩之间的事情,做得真是颇有文章。

 "There is a large number of historical documents in the US on germ warfare. The huge quantity of information and complex content can help strengthen the research," Liu said. "And in recent years, more experts on the subject have emerged in the country and provided some valued academic works."

 Hainan province, which is the country's only provincial-level special economic zone, will accelerate the building of an open economy, advance international industrial cooperation and enhance the development of service businesses as a national pilot zone, according to local senior officials.


 1949年建国以来,中国大陆经历了多次社会巨变,尤其是文化大革命和“批林批孔 ”等运动。这些制度变革和文化转型具体改变了人们哪些方面的态度和行为?澳大利亚国立大学、台湾大学和北京大学的四位研究人员研究了文革对女性的男女平等意识和竞争意识的影响。 

 The place where we practice kungfu deserves special mentioning. It is a little “island ” in the heart of the city, Xizhimen. A park with a small river where dragon-shaped boats take passengers to the Summer Palace, is an amazing place with Russian spirit. Beijing is known to be home for many Russians, there is the largest Russian district called Yabaolu with many Russian clothing shops and food restaurants. But this place is something different. Tranquil, peaceful, enchanting, the park is hidden from the eyes of many, showing its true beauty only to those who is in pursue of the miracle. On the opposite side of the wushu training spot there is former Soviet Union Exhibition Center, which was renamed into Beijing Exhibition Center after Soviets’ and China Republic’s relations had come into turbulence. The earliest Russian cuisine restaurant “Moscow ” was also placed in this picturesque area. Government officials who took office during that period used to have their lunches and dinners there.





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