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 Significant progress has been made in developing a system of medical and healthcare services. A basic medical services network covering both urban and rural areas has been put in place, with 980,000 medical and health institutions at all levels, 11 million health workers, and seven million beds at medical institutions. The state has increased its efforts to foster more medical professionals. A standardization training system for resident doctors is being established, and outstanding figures such as Nobel Prize laureate in Physiology or Medicine Tu Youyou have made significant contributions to society. As more social resources flow into the medical sector, private hospitals now account for over 57 percent of all hospitals, making medical services more diverse. China's medical and health emergency rescue capability is among the world's best. It stood the severe test of the Ebola epidemic, blocking all infectious sources from outside its territory and achieved zero infection while Chinese medical teams went on assistance missions in Africa.

 In 2003, under the firm leadership of the Party and the government, the Chinese people, united as one, won a decisive victory in their combat against the severe acute respiratory syndrome pandemic. Learning a lesson from this experience, the government took comprehensive measures to improve public health services, and the prevention and control of serious diseases. Marked progress was made in the prevention and control system for serious diseases, in the response mechanism for public health emergencies, in the development of community healthcare services in rural and urban areas, and in the new-type rural cooperative medical care and basic medical insurance for urban residents.

 下面是 “一勺言”对两人对话的精彩摘录。如果想听更多冯叔的精彩讲话,1 月 7 日,北京,中城联盟论坛,王石先生将做开场演讲,而冯叔将面向年轻的企业家群体,做压轴演说。

 我不是马后炮。从一开始,对这事,我没有半点义愤填膺的感觉,而且很怀疑顾老师很可能因为自己的 “太天真”,不小心栽进人们 “师德焦虑症”的陷阱里面了。现在,仔细看完顾老师的相关表达,我反而想提议,也许我们更应该有勇气去把 “伞下师生”视为一道风景。

 环球时报特约记者看到,这些被拍卖国礼的价格比市场上同类产品的售价要便宜不少。例如,一款限量版昆仑(Corum)男式腕表 “Admiral‘s Cup Legend 42”的最终成交价格为1150欧元(约合9000元人民币)。目前市面上的同款手表售价要比这一价格高出几倍。其他一些国礼的价格也比较 “亲民”,只要几十欧元到上百欧元,如两瓶 “Amouage Interlude”女士香水的最终成交价格仅为232.59欧元。





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