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 Putin said in his message that Russia and China are expanding cooperation in various areas and enriching the contents of cooperation continuously.

 "The files, including medical theses, laboratory reports and Japanese soldiers' accounts, have great significance in filling in the blanks in the germ war archives," Liu Rujia, one of the team members, said on Friday. "They have both historical and academic value."

 He added "Today, we mark a major step in fulfilling our commitment to improving the lives of all in the Kingdom, a key pillar of Vision 2030."

 1993年3月,八届全国人大一次会议第二次修改1982年宪法 。1992年12月5日,在宪法修改小组第一次会议上,有同志提出,宪法修改采取后附修正案的方式,原文不作改动,没有一部经过修改的完整的宪法,使用起来很不方便 。后经研究确定,仍采用修正案的方式,但出版两个文本:一个是1982年通过的宪法并附修正案;一个是按照修正案修正后的宪法 。前一个是法定文本,后一个是工作文本,以便于人们使用查阅 。1999年、2004年两次修改宪法采用的都还是这种方式 。这样,1982年宪法仍然是现行宪法,现行宪法包括1982年通过的宪法和之后的每个宪法修正案 。

 A number of other colorful experiences sweeten the pot for tourists, including the garden leisure and rural lifestyle in Beireng village near Boao, a visit to the rice fields in the Sanya rice paddy park, and planting fruit and vegetables in Haikou Guilinyang National Tropical Agriculture Park-as well as the ethnic culture that infuses the whole island.

 China said on Monday it opposed the United States selling weapons to Taiwan, after the Trump administration approved the marketing license required for US manufacturers to sell technology to Taiwan that would allow for building submarines.





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