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 Police caught 225 suspects, including Yao, who was believed to be the ringleader, and retrieved 2,063 items.

 It's hard to explain why the US, Britain and France, which launched more than 100 cruise missiles at Syria on Friday, could not wait for the OPCW team to start and finish its investigation.

 中央纪委网站破天荒地在发布消息的时候,公布了杨的官方简历 。这在之前,是绝无仅有的 。一般来说,公布简历,会让坊间有更多的猜测,反而会让舆论陷入 “厮杀” 。当然,这在懂宣传的中纪委面前,并不是事 。舆论的导向,不是光控制就行,需要的是引导 。这个道理,与疏浚河道一样 。中纪委的宣传手懂,而且,经过一年的 “试运营”,已经开始步入正轨 。

 The diplomacy to be rolled out by President Xi Jinping as head of state this year will "write a whole new chapter" of major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics in the new era, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said.

 The emergency management department of the General Office of the State Council will also be merged into the new ministry. The new ministry will also oversee the China Earthquake Administration and the State Administration of Coal Mine Safety, while the State Administration of Work Safety will be dismantled.

 Before it was upgraded to a province in 1988, about 80 percent of its grain and animal husbandry products was supplied from outside. But it is now becoming the country's biggest fruit and vegetable producer in the winter, contributing 4.8 million metric tons of vegetables to the domestic market last year.





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