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 The Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) based in Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangsu provincial government to jointly build NPU Research Institute in the Yangtze River Delta and NPU Taicang Campus.

 When the People's Republic of China was founded in 1949, China had a weak medical and health system due to low levels of development in its economy and society. The nation had only 3,670 medical and health institutions, 541,000 health workers and 85,000 beds at health institutions. The average life expectancy was 35 years. To change this situation, the government devoted great efforts to developing the medical and health services, and implemented guidelines which stipulated that the health services were to serve vast majority of the people, that prevention should be stressed, that both Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) should be utilized, and that health promotion and people's involvement should be incorporated. The people were mobilized to carry out health promotion programs, and basic knowledge about healthcare was widely spread. All this greatly enhanced the people's health, and major breakthroughs were made in medical sciences. Chlamydia trachomatis was identified for the first time by Chinese scientists; Chinese doctors performed the world's first replantation of a severed limb; and artemisinin, an effective cure for malaria, was extracted in a Chinese laboratory.

 Shen also said to speed up review and protection process, more IPR centers will be established this year to allow right owners to safeguard their rights more efficiently with lower cost.

 China has deployed several civilian CH-3s to prospect for mineral resources in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region and northeastern provinces. Those CH-3s, which originally were midrange reconnaissance/combat drones, are the world's first deployable mine-survey drones, according to the academy.

 大约过了10多分钟,王宝玉看到一名苏联士兵走了过来,便向他招手示意,这才引起苏军的注意。那名士兵旋即离去,可能是向他的上级报告去了。不一会儿一辆汽车开了过来,从车上下来一名军官和几名士兵,当他们确认这的确是一架中国飞机时,不由得大吃一惊,那种惊异的眼神分明是在问: “这架中国飞机怎么会飞到这里呢?”随即,他们架好梯子,帮助王宝玉下了飞机。当苏联军官找来翻译,得知王宝玉的意图后,感到事情重大,立即向上级报告。接着,这位军官又苦笑着说: “你这一来,又成了远东的‘红场飞机事件’,我们的许多军官也会像红场飞机事件那样被撤职了。”

 "As far as I know, the discharged wastewater met national standards," he said, adding that the company is awaiting the results of the investigation "and will fully cooperate".





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