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 The airstrikes against Syria conducted by the United States, Britain and France on Friday for the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government may not signal a full invasion like the Iraq War in 2003, but the situation bears much resemblance.

 China's latest Cabinet reshuffle during the NPC session also signals its determination to ramp up pollution control efforts, said Wang, a leading expert on environmental law.

 The Liaoning Provincial Higher People's Court sentenced Yao Yuzhong to death with a two-year reprieve. Yao was convicted for a series of tomb thefts, robberies and reselling cultural relics.

  “脑瘫诗人”的称谓不够雅观,甚至有点低俗和不够尊重,只是每个了解余秀华身世的读者,很快发现 “脑瘫诗人”只是个符号,她给人的是励志感。没有梦想的国度和个人是可悲的,梦想不是做梦,而是为认定的事业持续努力工作。余秀华的智商存量可能不及常人,但她的语言天赋让她没有变成废人;她的毅力最终成就了她。人们热议 “脑瘫诗人”,应该看到的是自己的不足,而不是简单地围观其智商存量的多少。我们每个人都很普通,却都有某些过人的天赋。如何把自己的天赋发挥到极致,用坚韧的毅力消费这种天赋,余秀华给我们树立了榜眼。这,也该是她被热议的一个原因吧。

 This year the theme of the forum is “An Open and Innovative Asia for a World of Greater Prosperity”, a pertinent and timely one. Asia is becoming a region of more integrated countries forging partnerships in diverse fields, including the economy, environment, trade, technology, education, energy and ecology. In these circumstances “Openness and Innovation” are even more relevant. BFA is a platform, where leaders, thinkers and experts from all walks of life are under one roof. One can expect many solutions and opportunities for Asian countries from this forum. It is expected more than 2,000 delegates will attend.

 When the investigation was complete, the SPP transferred the case to the Changzhou people's procuratorate, which then forwarded the case to the court for prosecution.





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