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 "For instance, greater access to mobile technology in China has fostered the expansion of the 'sharing economy', which is expected to reach 10 percent of GDP by 2020," the report says.

 We should step up efforts and take more concrete measures in deepening reform and opening wider to the rest of the world.

 Teams have spent the past year rigorously checking implementation of environmental regulations, as Hou Liqiang reports.

 However, greater investment in the sector is encouraged to push forward productivity that has been slowing down in the Asian region, it says. China presented the best case study, it adds.

 Last year, cultural heritage administrations across the country recorded about 60,000 security problems when inspecting 437,333 cultural heritage sites, and about 3,600 problems in heritage sites under national protection, according to SACH.

 The CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection said earlier in a statement that Lu was found to have used money, personal connections and lobbying to "buy official positions and honorary titles along the way", which enabled him to rise "from a private enterprise owner to a vice-ministerial-level official". Also, he had been simultaneously acting as an official and a businessman.





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