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 In the pair format, Lian and Gu will face off, with each having an AlphaGo teammate. Also, five Chinese players will play together, alternating moves, to test AlphaGo's adaptability to their combined style in the team event.

 BEIJING - An official with the State Administration of Cultural Heritage (SACH) Monday warned against security loopholes at many heritage sites and vowed to enhance law enforcement.

 "The change in the last 50 years has been astonishing," he said. "I fell in love with the place ... when my wife (Alyce) and I went to Beijing as 'foreign experts' to teach at what was then called the Beijing Foreign Languages Institute. It is now called the Beijing Foreign Studies University, and I still love the place."

 这其中最引人瞩目的,自然是两国就共同减少温室气体排放所作出的、带有量化指标的承诺。作为全球两个最大的温室气体排放国家,此前在这一问题上的针锋相对和“相互看齐 ”、“你不让步我也不妥协 ”,让达成切实有效的气候变化全球新协议的努力一再被拖延,一开两周、动辄“拖堂 ”的世界气候大会,甚至联合国秘书长潘基文亲自出面组织的气候峰会都无济于事,如今却随着中美这两个最大的碳排放国这次共同的、主动的承诺,而大有变“务虚 ”为“务实 ”的希望。正如消息传出后欧洲一些媒体所感慨的,上百个经济体扯皮几年不得要领的问题,中美两国一次首脑间会晤,便在顷刻间搞定了。

 The upcoming competition between Ke Jie and Golaxy will further test the competitive ability of the domestic AI Go program, and it will be a starting point for wide use of AI go technology in public apps, Lin said.

 None of the three major contenders has gathered enough votes to win the absolute majority of seats in parliament necessary to govern alone.





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