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 BEIJING - Busy lifestyles and an aging population have boosted the household services market in China, but a survey published by the China Youth Daily on Tuesday found that customers are not satisfied.

 Rather than being good news, the bait the US has offered them to continue pursuing their unattainable ambition is actually bad news; for Taiwan and for the relationship across the Straits.

 有延误救援时机的,也有争分夺秒的,出自北京市委宣传部旗下千龙网的《东方之星翻沉事件中转发最多的一条微博》,今晨几乎出现在各大门户首页,说的是“一位并不知名的博主写下了一条微博,一天之内被转发了10万多次”:“今天这么多关于沉船的事故的新闻里,我最感动的是为了降低水位方便救援,三峡大坝蓄起了水,使通过水库的水从每秒1W7立方米降到7000立方米,这个新闻淹没在了茫茫多的新闻里,不起眼,但是能从这看到这种统领全国人命为重的责任与能力,真的很怀疑除了中国其他国家有没有这种魄力与能力 。”

 However, the further Taiwan separatist forces push their bid for secession, the more grave the situation will become. Foresight cannot be gained from the past, by analogy or calculation, it must be divined from what lies before us, and that foretells that without any restraint on their reckless antics the island’s separatists will spark a war.

 This is exactly where Japan's problem is. Some say that Japanese prime ministers have apologized repeatedly for WWII, so the past should no longer be an issue.

 With an overall design to promote coordinated economic, political, cultural, social and ecological advancement and an action plan of comprehensive moves to finish the tasks of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, deepening reform, advancing law-based governance, and strengthening the Party's self-governance, the country can have confidence that the strategic vision for developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era will be achieved.





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