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 As China and Russia are both major countries in the world, China is willing to continue joining hands with Russia to make their links closer, deepen cooperation, jointly draw blueprint for the development of bilateral ties in a next stage, and lead China-Russia relations into a new era, Xi said.

 在历史教科书之外,在国家公祭读本之外,接下来,还应该有更多能够提供清晰记录和价值警示的好作品 。毕竟,历史记忆不可能只靠“官方”来书写 。事实上,全世界记录纳粹极权罪恶的最好作品,很多都是个体记录,都是证人声音 。比如,维克多・克莱普勒《我会作见证》、安妮・弗兰克的《女孩日记》、凯尔泰斯・伊姆莱的《船夫日记》、埃利・威瑟尔的《夜》以及普利摩・利瓦伊的《如果这是一个人》,就影响着无数人 。

 "I have met with Mr. President many times, and we have jointly led China-Russia ties to withstand the test of the fluctuating international situation and reach the best level in history," he said.

 回想孙悟空、猪八戒、沙和尚和小白龙,他们都有一个共通点,那就是他们都曾经被贬,但结局却不同,孙悟空和猪八戒多少还保留了以前的一些个性,比如孙悟空依然嫉恶如仇,猪八戒依旧懒惰好色,但沙和尚和小白龙则不同,多年的被贬生涯,已经完全磨平了他们身上原有的棱角,在错综复杂的政坛上,他们已经没有脾气,变成了“多做事、少说话”、没创意的“中国标本式”基层办事员 。       

 China looks forward to working with other members to achieve three goals at the summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization: making the SCO more cohesive, more effective and more influential, Wang Yi said.

 The notion of a shared future, for the Asian region, was first used at the Boao Forum in 2015. It has been re-echoed since, in speeches Xi Jinping used at the National People's Congress this year, and at the Davos World Economic Forum in early 2017. In these iterations, it has been expanded to embrace humanity. It is likely that it will figure again at the Boao Forum to be held in South China's Hainan province this year, in this form.





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