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 Peers in British Parliament's upper chamber voted by 348 to 225 in favor of a call requiring government ministers to report on steps to negotiate a continued customs union with the European Union.

 当年12月,贺黎明在“贺龙杯 ”中国业余篮球公开赛发布会上讲话。她说:“我们相信‘贺龙杯’中国业余篮球公开赛一定会越办越好,越办越成功,这也是我们作为贺龙同志的后人对体育事业应尽的一份义务和义不容辞的责任。 ”

 The Global Competitiveness Report ranking is based on the Global Competitiveness Index, which was introduced by the WEF in 2005. Defining competitiveness as the set of institutions, policies and factors that determine the level of productivity of a country, GCI scores are calculated by drawing together country-level data covering 12 categories - the pillars of competitiveness - that collectively make up a comprehensive picture of a country's competitiveness. The 12 pillars are: institutions, infrastructure, macroeconomic environment, health and primary education, higher education and training, goods market efficiency, labor market efficiency, financial market development, technological readiness, market size, business sophistication and innovation.

 据公开资料,贺黎明生于1949年3月,是贺龙最小的女儿。文革中,贺龙元帅被“打倒 ”,贺黎明被哥哥姐姐送到老一代革命家廖承志家中托养,后被下放到陕北“插队落户 ”。文革结束后,她从北京外贸学院毕业,后长期在香港工作,曾在中国光大实业驻香港分公司、中国国际信托驻香港分公司任职。


 After the first stage, I ask them some questions about a picture with no words. They are nervous, shy and some freeze and need to be crank started or come back later. Maybe some have not talked to a foreigner and are very shy. Most didn't know the answers because they learn by rote. And they are amazing as to what they can memorise. In that confusion of question time we have to say "that's all" and some knew they were finished. But for most we had to say "bye bye" with matching hand waving for them to realise they could go. Many long goodbyes were had.





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