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 岂止是缺乏照料,简直是自生自灭!知情者转述的情境是这样的:4个孩子因没有生活费辍学在家,家里唯一的食物是去年的玉米。平时,孩子们将玉米磨成玉米面,不用筛子筛干净,就凑合吃了,“因为太穷了 ”。你能想象到吗?孩子们生前那苍白的容颜、饥饿的表情以及无助的眼神。在那些“近乎被遗弃 ”的日子里,他们会不会在夜里想爸爸、喊妈妈?

 BEIJING - How can a prospective college student from west China find a way to study in the country's privileged Peking University?


 During all these three years now that I have known him since our first meeting, he never stopped surprising me with his strong, yet sensitive personality. This is the person who having contracted cancer at such an old age, was able to recover and resume wushu practices on regular basis – five times a week. He is a person, who never loses enthusiasm and faith in people, always surrounded by friends and deeply loving him relatives including his daughter. Our lessons go far beyond simply learning kungfu technics. His teaching is more about life, about enjoying every single moment of it because it will not happen twice, about training our will and overcoming difficulties, about harmonious existence, and building relationships with other people. After every kungfu lesson, we are welcome into his house to drink tea. This is another lesson being taugh- the mastery of chadao, or tea ceremony. It was exactly in his home that I learnt and tried different kinds of tea. Cha fairy-tale. His amazing wife prepares tea ceremony every time we come back from the training.


 七届二中全会闭幕后,党中央拟将即出生的新中国定都北京。在由西柏坡迁往北京的那天清晨,毛泽东与周恩来有段对话,即人们称为的“赶考对 ”。毛泽东说:今天是进京“赶考 ”嘛。周恩来说:我们应当都能考试及格,不要退回来。毛泽东说:退回去就失败了。我们决不当李自成,我们都希望考个好成绩。





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