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 "Thirty years ago, it took a full day to reach Haikou from Sanya, which lies at the southern tip of the island, but now it takes less than two hours by high speed train, and there are other choices," said Hua Zetian, a rice-breeding expert who has worked in Hainan for 30 years.

 China supports globalization because it has contributed to the well-being of its people. More importantly, improved globalization will benefit people around the globe. To make globalization more inclusive so that its benefits can be shared more extensively, Beijing has proposed the Belt and Road Initiative, and is asking others to join it in building a community with a shared future for mankind.

 中国为什么那么多人对 “民科 ”心有戚戚?

 What's more, it seems that the policymakers in these countries are pandering to these sentiments, either because they too believe in the arguments or because they want to court votes. But those who rant against globalization tend to forget that the West remains the biggest beneficiary of economic globalization.

 Through its transportation system, Hainan has established trade and cooperation links with more than 160 countries and regions around the world.

 Behind these accomplishments have been the wisdom and leadership capabilities demonstrated by Xi, and his skills as a statesman.





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