qq炫舞怎么获得神宠 :贪官的大数据谁来统计?

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 "We sincerely hope that relevant African countries get a clear understanding of the international trend and join the family of China-Africa friendship and cooperation at an early date," she said.

 China plans to restructure the State Intellectual Property Office to strengthen protection of intellectual property rights, according to the State institutional reform plan of the State Council, which was submitted to the on-going NPC session for deliberations.

 She said that Gambia, Sao Tome and Principe have returned to the track of China-Africa friendship and cooperation, which fully indicates that the one-China principle is what people want.

 For foreign trade, He said it will grow steadily and drive 8 to 9 percent of growth as long as the world economy keeps a stable growth.

 "We will work with other departments to form a collective force to protect intellectual property," he said.

 "While the demographic dividend was leveraged during the earlier stages of development, it is a more-skilled and high-quality workforce that is crucial to high-quality development going forward." Li said.





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