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 Sadly, the concerns expressed by many UNSC members at the Saturday session were not at all reflected in the US mainstream media in the past two days, especially the three major cable networks of CNN, Fox News and MSNBC.

 It is hypocritical for the US, Britain and France to pretend that they still care about the UN process or the OPCW investigation. In launching the airstrikes by bypassing the UN, they set a bad precedent that big powers don't have to abide by international laws.

 Core socialist values should set the tone of the common spiritual home of all ethnic groups, Xi said, adding that they should be nurtured among the people, particularly children and even in kindergartens.

 During the discussion, eight lawmakers gave their advice on issues including speeding up the construction of a modern economic system, the development of the internet economy, industrial innovation, the education of migrant workers’ children and military-civil integration. Xi listened carefully to the suggestions and exchanged views with the deputies.

 这个榜单还反映了一个极易被忽视的问题――上榜的要么是富国,要么是近年来发展速度很快的新兴国家,很显然,“海外游客不受欢迎”其实和“海外游客数量剧增”是成正比的,几十年前的中国,恐怕连上榜的机会也轮不上 。

 两位老人的小儿媳卢冬芳说,“婆婆上年纪后,因为身体原因,只能吃一些青菜豆腐之类清淡的东西 。公公本来很喜欢吃肉和海鲜的,后来也陪着吃素,身体越来越消瘦 。我劝他吃点肉补补营养,他说,‘自己一个人吃好吃的,没胃口,吃不下’ 。”





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