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 They said the province will engage more with economic globalization and the Belt and Road Initiative, further expand its influence in the global community and establish a "pan South China Sea tourism economy cooperation rim".

 A provincial government report said Hainan will create greater opportunities for both Chinese and overseas firms in its pillar industries including tropical high-efficiency agriculture, tourism, the internet and marine industries, each of which is forecast to generate more than 100 billion yuan ($15.9 billion) in annual output by 2020.

 "It is my compelling obligation to do a good job as president of Westlake University. I'm prepared to spare no efforts to make it an institution of national pride on the global higher education stage," Shi said.

 Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said Xi's election fully proved that the Chinese people acknowledge Xi's outstanding achievements and support his wise leadership. Afghanistan cherishes its friendship with China and expects to deepen cooperation with the country in all areas, he added.

 A four-member group in the center discovered more than 2,300 pages of files about the notorious Japanese biological and chemical warfare unit in the National Archives of the United States, the Library of Congress and the Hoover Institution, Stanford University in the end of September.





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