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 Ten years ago, the answer might have been "there is no way" or "go to Beijing," but now any college student with a smartphone can access the university as massive open online courses (MOOC) have become widely available from universities in China.


 I could begin by talking about the advancements right here in my city of Zhengzhou. I've watched roads built, the environment remarkably cleaner than 2011 when I arrived here. I've been amazed at the experience of watching education rise to a higher standard than 5 years ago. I'm truly amazed at the astounding progress that's been made.

 Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi said Egypt hopes to push mutually beneficial cooperation with China and bring more benefits for the peoples of both countries.

 我觉得,无论是各地许多政协委员当滥竽充数的 “南郭先生”,还是像张艺谋、巩俐那样连续几年不参加政协会议,再到江门政协委员曾志伟 “当选后从未去开会”,这也许都怪不了他们 。想当的可能当不了,不想当的不当都不行,委员身份可能不是他自己主动争取来的,而是别人作为一项荣誉赠予他们的,他们有权根据自己的时间安排和利益取舍选择参不参会 。政治协商的民主安排下,人人都有参政议政的权利,但不是说人人都 “必须”参政,总不能 “逼”着人去开会啊 。我这边要主持一个出场费高达数百万元的晚会,你那边要我去参政议政,能怎么选呢?

 Hainan has established sister relationships with 56 overseas provinces and cities worldwide, including Hawaii in the United States, South Korea's Jeju special autonomous province, Canada's Prince Edward Island, Finland's Oulu province and the state of Penang in Malaysia.





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