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 "The new administration will help to improve the level of government management and services, and ensure the legitimate rights and other interests of immigrants in China," said Huang Ningning, managing partner at Grandall Law Firm in Shanghai.

 The consensus in the US was that a richer China would be a peaceful China, and an enormous market for US products and services. This point of view still predominates, despite the current shenanigans.

 "This is an exhibition that's about art, and about history, but it's also about diplomacy and humanity," said Kitchin, the museum director.

 Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen said Xi's achievements have gained the full trust of the Chinese people, and the country will keep moving forward to fulfill its two centenary goals, he said.

 The two sides might eventually resort to negotiation, in which case, incidentally, China has intimated that it would offer concessions, no doubt including ones that will benefit China as well as the US (for example, better protection of intellectual property, and further opening up to foreign investment in services).

 2007年的时候 ,安倍的溃疡性结肠炎恶化了。他自称: “一旦溃疡性大肠炎出现了恶化 ,我一天之内要去30多趟卫生间 ,这绝对无法履行艰巨的首相职责。”安倍晋三还称: “当你在床铺和卫生间疲于奔命时 ,整个晚上都无法安然入睡。”





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