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 The development in the field of health services has brought concrete benefits to the Chinese people. The average life expectancy of the Chinese rose to 76.5 years in 2016 from 67.9 years in 1981; maternal mortality dropped from 88.9 per 100,000 persons in 1990 to 19.9 per 100,000 persons in 2016; and infant mortality declined from 34.7 per 1,000 in 1981 to 7.5 per 1,000 in 2016. The main health indicators of the Chinese are generally better than the average level of middle-and high-income countries, and China has achieved the UN's Millennium Goals in this regard ahead of schedule. Furthermore, China has established a complete medical and health system that is guided by the Constitution, based on civil laws and regulations, laws and administrative regulations on health, and local regulations, and directed by the outlines, programs, and plans of the health sector. The system has proved effective in maintaining sound doctor-patient relations, addressing medical disputes with impartiality, and ensuring citizens' right to health.

 夸大其词 ,制造紧张 ,重提 “珍珠链”战略 ,对中国将加强在印度洋的军舰部署过度解读 。文章指出 ,中国潜艇部队在印度洋的存在令另一个地区大国印度忧虑万分 。印度军方曾表示 ,部署核潜艇越过了红线 ,将引发海军军备竞赛 。许多印度和西方分析人士认为 ,中国正在实行一个明确的长期海军战略:主导印度洋 。2005年 ,美国咨询公司布兹-艾伦-汉密尔顿控股公司提出了 “珍珠链”的假设 ,设想中国通过在印度洋周边修建民用海上基础设施来扩大其海军存在 。那些港口最终可以变成军民两用 ,充当中国海军舰艇的军港 。

 Last year, as part of its China Ready initiative, the Scottish capital launched Scotland's first-ever destination campaign on influential Chinese social media sites Weibo and WeChat. The campaign was funded by the VisitScotland Growth Fund.

 And two years ago, a Chinese strand was added to the Blogmanay social media campaign, which reached almost 10 million people via Twitter in 2016. More than 17,400 tweets were generated, along with 3,000 images on Instagram.

 Police in Shanxi province are looking into accusations that village officials took money to shield a polluting enterprise and that they bullied local protesters, according to the government of Linfen.

 援引我国国防部发言人谈话 ,暗指中国海军舰队剑指印度洋 。该文一开始 ,实描中国国防部发言人在例行记者会上的情景 ,却将其发言引申到 “中国有野心”上 。在1月29日的例行记者会上 ,中国国防部发言人宣布 ,中国将加强在印度洋的军舰部署 。英国IHS简氏信息集团发表文章称 ,在被问及中国海军潜艇在印度洋活动的问题时 ,杨宇军大校试图淡化中国海军在该地区的活动 ,称这些都属于正常的活动 ,并强调不必过度解读 。杨宇军说根据联合国有关决议 ,从2008年开始 ,中国派出海军多种类型的舰艇赴亚丁湾海域护航 。在此过程中 ,中国向有关国家通报了包括潜艇活动在内的相关情况 。今后 ,中国军队将根据护航形势变化和任务需要 ,派遣各类舰艇赴相关海域执行护航任务 。虽然 ,看起来文章作者是自然描述杨宇军大校的解释 ,却 “不经意”地 “强加”了一个 “试图淡化中国海军在该地区的活动”的大定语 ,言下之意就是暗指中国海军舰队剑指印度洋 。





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