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 Liu said she has spent more than 1,000 yuan ($150) buying new clothes and shoes since the modeling team was set up in early 2014. Among her purchases was a qipao, a traditional Chinese dress.

 美国方面对此不以为然的主要是美国商会等机构,他们抱怨称FCPA的“小鞋 ”让美国公司在国际竞争中常常落于下风,因为竞争对手们经常采取并行之有效的一些促销技巧,在FCPA衡量下很可能就是违规并需要查处的。更麻烦的是,由于FCPA对是否违规界定模糊,加上不断采取措施鼓励直接举报,有时候竞争对手间会采取举报对方违反FCPA的方法相互报复,如在一起和非洲石油开发有关的纠纷中,三家竞争公司相互用FCPA“撕咬 ”,结果三败俱伤――三家公司最终都摆脱嫌疑,却白白浪费大量公关费用和宝贵的两年多时间,而负责调查的美国官方机构则靡费了不少公帑。

 Other findings included a shortfall of 2,400 engineers, most substantially among Royal Navy weapons technicians, 800 pilots and 700 intelligence analysts.

 Liu Jinwen, a retired primary school teacher now living in Beijing's Sijiqing Nursing Home, never expected she would have a visit from the Chinese president. But she did, and it changed her life.

 In his message, Li noted that with the successful conclusion of the 22nd regular meeting between the heads of government of China and Russia in November, the two sides have reached crucial consensus on promoting all-around pragmatic cooperation and deepened the integration of interests.

 In his response, Putin said Russia-China relations in 2017 achieved new progress, as the volume of two-way trade has seen substantial increases and exchanges in areas of technology, culture and people-to-people exchanges have been vigorous.





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