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 Many domestic workers haven't had any training, and professional workers are still scarce, said Ma Yanhua, manager of a household services company based in Tianjin.

 In an effort to protect the environment and public health, China banned the import of 24 categories of solid waste-including plastic and paper-on Jan 1. The effort was given a shot in the arm by Premier Li, who vowed in his speech on March 5 to "completely prohibit" the garbage.

 Sweet potato fields have expanded to 1,800 hectares in Qiaotou, a town of 22,000 residents, and a research institute developing virus-free seedlings there is helping promote better farming practices. Output value from sweet potato harvesting reached 360 million yuan ($57 million) last year. About 310,000 tourists visited Qiaotou in 2017 to enjoy digging up sweet potatoes for themselves last year.

 BEIJING -- "I pledge my allegiance to the Constitution of the People's Republic of China (PRC) to safeguard the Constitution's authority, fulfill my legal obligations ..." Newly elected Chinese President Xi Jinping took the solemn oath in Beijing Saturday.

 Over the past five years, the CPPCC has received 29,378 proposals, and 23,975 of them were accepted and filed, said Wan Gang, vice-chairman of the 12th CPPCC National Committee, on Saturday while giving a work report on the proposals.

 然而 ,自视为全球海上霸主的美国 ,不希望看到一个新兴海洋强国、海军强国 ,挑战其主导的海上经济格局和战略安全框架。为了彰显“大哥”身份 ,五角大楼已将60%的舰艇调往亚太 ,企图牵绊中国走向“深蓝”的脚步。





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