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 Yang said the agency's founding is significant and will have long-term effects in advancing the overall design of China's diplomacy and boosting international cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.

 Even though the inspection has made progress and air quality in the cluster has been improved, work to control air pollution in the region will be intensified. Meanwhile, as the inspection draws to a close, the authorities have been drafting a new three-year operation dubbed a "blue sky protection campaign". As a follow-up measure, a number of leading experts will work to draft air pollution measures tailored to the situations in each of the 28 major cities in the cluster, according to officials.

 Like China, Japan also attaches importance to the WTO rules and maintains that trade issues should be handled based on those rules, he added.

 Main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), however, urged the government to lift state of emergency soon, saying it would cast shadow over upcoming elections.

 People from Taiwan business circles should firmly uphold the 1992 Consensus and oppose "Taiwan independence", said Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee.

 诸如@洪国荃之论 ,功劳不可没 ,但时机不对:“船还倒扣着 ,那么多人生死未卜 ,家属心急如焚 ,全国百姓关注着打捞结果 ,这个时候 ,应该集中力量营救 ,即使立功也是事件结束之后稳妥些 ,他一个潜水员固然不容易 ,但如此宝贵的时间 ,接受的什么采访?搞什么‘火线立功’…救援者英勇顽强 ,令人敬佩 ,立功、受奖都没有问题 ,我想说的是时机有问题 ,船难救援需要争分夺秒 ,在事件结束之前 ,不宜搞立功受奖 ,毕竟也要考虑那些家属的感受 ,救援的核心任务是救援 !”





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