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 JAKARTA - Scores of people were wounded and hundreds of houses and buildings were destroyed after a shallow quake of 4.4-magnitude jolted Central Java province on Wednesday, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, spokesman of Indonesia's national disaster management agency, told Xinhua.

 巨大的P-8A反潜机从吕宋岛上呼啸升空,飞临南海偷窥中国潜艇;但同时,当庞大的核动力航母、“宙斯盾”战舰与054A护卫舰、“中华神盾”在海上相遇时,美国海军官兵又友好地与解放军拉起了家常……这种忽冷忽热的关系,形象地体现出在“亚太再平衡”战略下,美军正试图以“远攻近交”的手段,来对付中国 。

 可以想见,假如医疗机构及其科室的临床水平与诊疗能力经过认证并有可资信赖评分,并且一座城市的医疗信息都由当地的卫生部门统一搜集并及时通过网络及媒体发布,假如医疗这一公共服务真的能够做到的如同超市般明码标价,假如医患之间有基本的互信 。无论是本地还是外地的患者求医问药均无需如此“盲人摸象”,更无需额外经受被“医托”欺诈的风险与变相盘剥的损失 。至于此类信息的公布,谁说不是作为公共事业的卫生部门的份内之事 。

 In 2010, archaeologists Wu Xiujie and Liu Wu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences published a review of hominid archaeological finds in China dating back to the 1970s. They argued that several discoveries - including human teeth found in the Zhiren Cave in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region - indicate that modern humans existed in China around 100,000 years ago.

 Small-scale disasters should be managed by local governments and the Ministry of Emergency Managements will provide support. When serious disasters occur, the ministry will be the headquarters to coordinate rescue and relief efforts, the plan said.

 Wanning's unique geographical conditions offer various kinds of foods, each of excellent quality, as the coastline provides Wanning with the delicacies of the sea. The ingredients are distinctive, unique and prepared with rich flavours: goats on the eastern Dongshan Ridge, the “seaside pigs” wandering near the shore, mountain-picked Kuding tea, small freshly caught seafood.





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